The general meeting will be held on the 3rd November from 7-9pm in the Community Room, Walden House Estate Office. The meeting is open to all residents to attend however if you have any points you wish to raise on the night and you are unable to attend please post them through the letterbox or email the office (this also includes any  personal issues).

At this meeting you will be able to meet new Board Members who joined the Board at the last general meeting.


Shareholder /Membership of Battersea Fields RMO

Do you know that you can become a member of BFRMO  for only £1.00!

That this membership entitles you to be co-opted on to the Board…..

Membership also entitles you to vote as to who is elected on to the Board…

Finally, to take part in the decision making process ……..

It is the democratic right of members to take an active part in the decision and  policy making process. If you have ideas on how to improve our policies and estate you can either come along to a meeting or write to the Housing Manager or the  Secretary of BFRMO. Your ideas and proposals will then be discussed at the General Meeting.