BFRMO Is committed to promoting equality and diversity and developing a culture that values differences and recognises that people from a different variety of backgrounds can bring important and positive contributions to the community and improve the way we deliver services for residents.

  1. We believe that no person should suffer disadvantage by reason of his/her age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. In our daily operations as a BFRMO we shall ensure that;
  2. The above is carried out.
  3. We shall eradicate any system or practice that is not conducive to the pursuit of our goals. This will include the provision of relevant training for our Management Committee and staff.
  4. We shall monitor our performance and policies on a regular basis. This will include monitoring offers and acceptance of properties, our Contractor List and those that apply and are accepted for employment. By doing this we will try to ensure that our community and those that work for the BFRMO reflect our commitment to equal opportunities.
  5. We shall consult residents on a regular basis to ensure that policies and practices meet current standards, good practices and expectations. Equality, performance and targets will be regularly reported.
  6. All persons applying for employment or contracts must demonstrate commitment to our equal opportunities policy.
  7. This policy shall be kept on the office premises for public display at all times