Repairs Service

The BFRMO are responsible for ensuring that tenanted properties, communal areas, storesheds and the exterior of buildings are maintained. The BFRMO will work with the Council if there is a need to undergo structural improvements or major works. The BFRMO is not responsible for work that remains the tenant’s responsibility.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Re-glazing broken windows
  • Replacing locks, fasteners, plugs etc.
  • Repairs due to tenant’s negligence
  • Internal decorations

If the BFRMO carries out works that are the responsibility of the tenant it will be on a rechargeable basis unless the Board agrees otherwise. The BFRMO cannot by law do work for leaseholders that are within their own homes, but advice can be given.

Once you have reported a repair you will receive a Repair Satisfaction Sheet which should be completed and returned to the office. This will enable us to gather information on whether your repair was carried out by the target date and also how the Contractor conducted himself and that the work was carried out satisfactorily.