You should have already received a letter about the work that is currently underway by Community Fibre who are upgrading the Internet on our estate. Once the work is complete you will be able to buy the fastest Internet service available anywhere in the UK.

The service will allow each member of your household:

  • to watch their own high definition video stream without any buffering;
  • to work from home as if you are connected in the office;
  • and what’s more your upload speed will be hundreds of times faster than your current connection.

As soon as the cabling on your block is complete Community Fibre will send you a letter inviting you to order on of their services should you wish, they will also have members of their team on the estate to help you understand which of their service packages is best for you.

If you want to find out more about the service that Community Fibre provides then you can visit their web-site at