Dear Residents,

I do hope you are all keeping well while we progress through the easing of restrictions and start to enjoy a taste of normality this Spring.

Since my last update back in Winter you will have noticed the new green recycling bank enclosures on the greens on the estate. We’ve had some great feedback from residents about the look of the enclosures. As previously mentioned, this is phase one of a two-phase project. Phase two will look at recycling bank enclosures placed outside the five tall blocks.

On recycling, can I please remind everyone to place recycling directly into the banks and not to the side or on top of the bin’s / enclosures. There are 31 recycling banks on the estate, so if a bin is full, please take your recycling to one nearby that might have more room.

The dumping of bulk rubbish continues to be a real issue on the estate. Any bulky items dumped on the estate is illegal and really makes the estate look rundown. The Council offers a collection service for bulk items at a small cost. Please call them on 0208 871 8558 or book on the Council’s website.

Regarding the rubbish chutes in the taller blocks, I’m pleased to see that the frequency of when a chute becomes blocked has reduced significantly. However, when a chute does become blocked, it’s usually caused by bulky items being forced into the chute such as pizza boxes and even toilet seats. Only small rubbish bags which are securely tied should be placed in the chute. This will prevent blockages and smells as we come up to the warmer months of the year. Larger household waste should be placed directly in the bins on the ground floor. If you notice your chute is blocked, please report it to the estate office as soon as possible.

We’ve also had some fairly major blockages to the communal waste pipes which has resulted in back surges inside individual flats. The cause? Wet wipes being flushed down the toilet. Due to the age of the buildings on the estate, the plumbing was simply not designed for wet wipes. They clog the drain interceptor at ground level and it’s a considerable cost to unblock them. Please do not flush wet wipes down the toilet.

With regards to rents, if you are struggling to pay your rent as a result of the pandemic, please do contact Citizens Advice service ‘Help to Claim’ line as they can advise on what financial assistance the Government might be able to provide you. Their number is 0808 223 1133.

Finally, Estate Office staff continues to handle all enquiries Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm via phone or email. If you need to visit the office for reasons such as parking permits or for purchasing a main door entrance key, please do contact us prior to your arrival. After these hours, in case of an emergency, please call Wandsworth Emergency Control on 0208 871 7490.

Yours sincerely,


Chris Clutterbuck

Housing Manager