Dear Residents,

Further to my letter dated 25th March I’d like to provide an update on what’s happening on the estate in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Estate Office staff have now been in touch with every resident that on our records are known to be vulnerable. I’m happy to report that most of our vulnerable residents have support networks in place and are doing well. There were however a couple of residents who didn’t have support in place and so we’ve referred them to the Wandsworth Community Hub who are now assisting. If you find yourself now needing assisting please contact the helpline on 0208 871 6555 or email

During the lockdown over the past few weeks more and more residents have been staying at home. As we’ve all adapted fairly well to this change of living I’d just like to address a few points based on reports/complaints the office has received during the lockdown.

  • There has been a substantial increase of noise related nuisance reported to the office. This was of course expected and we all need to acknowledge that there will be increased general living noise during this time. But can I remind residents to be very mindful of your neighbours by not playing loud music (particularly bass heavy music), kicking footballs inside and running around.
  • There’s been a large increase of rubbish and recycling material being thrown away which again is expected. The refuse collections are continuing as normal but there are delays on when the recycling bins are emptied. Can I please ask that all rubbish and recycling is placed directly into the bins. Any cardboard boxes that can’t fit inside the bin are to be flattened and placed neatly next to the bin. General rubbish should not be left outside the bin doors as foxes are getting into them overnight and causing a mess. We’re still having issues with people placing large items in the bin chutes which are causing blockages, in fact since the beginning of the year the office has spent over £11,500 in unblocking chutes and carrying out repairs due to damage caused by bulky objects. This money would be better spent on other areas of the estate and if this amount of spend continues the RMO will decommission the chutes completely.
  • Dog byelaws are enforced on the estate, dogs are not allowed to be anywhere on the green spaces even if on a lead. Wandsworth Council will fine individuals up to £500 for each offence.
  • BBQ’s on private balconies or in communal areas are strictly not permitted. This poses a serious fire risk and is a breach of tenancy and lease conditions.
  • In line with Government restrictions, gatherings of people from other households is not permitted. I had received multiple reports of a large gathering of people from multiple households on the green outside Walden House just last week. Please be aware that the Police are patrolling the estate to move people on.

Finally, on a lighter note, I was very pleased to have received a video of the very first Clap for Carers which is happening every Thursday evening at 8pm, it’s so great to see the community come together to show our support. You can view the video on our website, Let’s keep it going every Thursday and feel free to send me a copy with your permission to post on the website.

Wishing you all continued good health, please stay safe and I thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chris Clutterbuck

Housing Manager