Notice of Continuation Ballot

The Battersea Fields RMO is due to carry out the 5-yearly continuation ballot shortly.

You will have now received a letter giving you the required 4 weeks’ notice of the continuation ballot taking place. The ballot is required under the terms of the Management Agreement to ensure that all tenants and leaseholders on the estate give their opinion on the continuation of the management agreement between the council and BFRMO.

It is proposed to issue the ballot papers by Monday 3rd July 2017. Ballot papers must be returned within 21 days, in accordance with the Management Agreement. Therefore, in approximately 4 weeks you will receive:

  • A Ballot Paper.
  • Information contained in the Management Agreement about consultation with residents on continuation of the BFRMO as managing agent.
  • A pre-paid envelope to return your ballot paper to Electoral Reform Services.

This is your opportunity to be involved and have a direct say in the management of your homes. Both the Council and Battersea Fields RMO would encourage as many residents as possible to vote on this matter. We would also welcome any volunteers to assist on the Management Committee to help run the RMO for the benefit of all residents. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the Chair of BFRMO, Lourdes Prestamero at or 020 7622 7499.

Yours faithfully


Ms S Richardson
Housing Manager