It has been brought to our attention that on the weekend of the 17th / 18th September 2016 a group of young people gained access to the roof of MacDonald House and threw items down from the roof.

This behaviour is not only unacceptable, it is extremely dangerous to those behaving in this manner and any passer-by at the basement of the block.

For those that have been identified, the parents or guardians of those responsible will be contacted in due course to discuss breaching their tenancy or lease conditions.

Furthermore, we have reason to believe that this same group caused a nuisance in Bishopstone House over the weekend. During the commotion they created within the block, a glass panel within a communal door was damaged.

Anyone identified behaving in this manner will be reported to the police for criminal damage.

If you believe your child may have been involved, I urge you to speak to them and take any necessary action to prevent them from them behaving in this manner.

Ms S Richardson
Housing Manager