The Board and staff of Battersea Fields RMO (BFRMO) strive to provide our residents with a good service and value your views and input on the running of the estate.

On behalf of the Board we would be grateful if you could take a few minutes and complete the survey which will be sent to you on 12th May 2016 and return it to BFRMO office by Friday 27th May 2016.

For residents that were unable to attend the general meeting held on the 26th April 2016, we would like to give you an opportunity to express your views and comments on the future of the cleaning service. The Board are in the process of drafting a specification in preparation to go out for tender for a new contract and would welcome you’re in-put on the service. It could be the frequency that you would like the stairs to be mopped or the frequency of the deep clean. Any suggestions would be given serious consideration.

Please either use the last section on the survey and/or contact the office via telephone or email at Equally, if you would like to comment on what social trips that you would like the Board to put on and/or any other comment, your views would be greatly appreciated.

Whilst writing may we also remind you that the new visitors permits are ready for collection in the office. The permit is valid immediately and you should destroy your old permit which will not be valid for use after Monday 13th June 2016.

If you are unable to collect the permit due to health reasons etc. then please contact the office on 020 7622 7499 and we will arrange for the permit to be delivered to you. Also if you would like us to pick up the questionnaire from your home please contact us in the office.