Battersea Fields RMO (BFRMO) recently made a referral to Wandsworth Council to replace the main entry doors throughout the estate. The Council is responsible for maintaining the structure of the block and making sure that the building is kept in a good condition. The Council plan to commence the works shown above during the current financial year 2016/2017. BFRMO and the Council are committed to involving residents at all stages of the consultation. Leaseholders will be given information to let them know the financial costs of major work as early in the planning process as possible. The information below contains our most up-to-date estimate of what the planned work will cost.

Why we intend to carry out the work

The works are necessary as the existing system is now obsolete; the parts are no longer available and the system can no longer be economically repaired. The design consultant has drawn up the contract specification for this scheme and estimated the cost of the work before inviting contractors to send in their estimate of how much they will charge. This has allowed us to work out your estimated charge.

Description of Work
The design consultant has drawn up the contract specification for this scheme and estimated the cost of the work. This has allowed us to work out your estimated charge at this stage, although we have not yet invited contractors to send in their estimate of how much they will charge. The following works are proposed:

1. The Contractor shall supply and install a new functional or Digital type door entry system in the block including all associated conduit and wiring as necessary.
2. Refurbish entrance doors and carry out any ancillary building work associated with the renewal, electrical works associated with lighting modifications or renewal. A new telephone handset, with privacy switch will be installed to replace the existing. Special consideration will be given to any residents who have any disabilities when determining where the telephone handset is sited however in the main this will be in the hallway, as existing.
3. A new entrance panel, incorporating a tradesman’s button, will replace the existing. The trade time will be set to pre-determined times to ensure tradesmen such as the postman can gain access without having to call individual residents.
4. Residents will gain access using their existing key/s or fobs. Note: Some token access systems may require the reprogramming of fobs. Where this is necessary new fobs will be exchanged on a ONE for ONE .

Access to each flat will be required to complete the works however this will be done as quickly as possible and is unlikely to take more than 2 hours.
This is a summary of the work we plan to carry out. You can see the full specification for the work at this office during the working hours of 9.30am – 4.30pm. If you want to do so, please call me to make an appointment on 020-8871 8499.

How will we pay for the Work?

Tenants and leaseholders have to pay towards the work. The tenants’ share comes from the Housing Revenue Account, the account into which we pay their rent. Leaseholders pay individually and we will tell them separately about the charges.

Consultation Process

We have arranged a meeting so you can find out more about the proposed work:

Date: Tuesday 24th May 2016
Time: 4.30 pm – 7.00 pm
Venue: Battersea Fields, Basement Walden House, Dagnall Street, London, SW11

The meeting will be held on an informal drop-in basis where residents can arrive anytime between 4.30 and 6.45pm (to ensure your queries can be resolved before the meeting ends at 7.00pm). You will be able to speak to the officers involved in the scheme on an individual basis. Unfortunately at busy times you might have to wait to speak to the officers if they are already speaking with another resident.

As the project is at an early stage you are invited to let us have your written observations in relation to the proposed works before we finalise the specification. Observations must be addressed to the office and delivered within the consultation period beginning with the date of the notice on the letter you will have received. The consultation period has will end on Friday 3rd June 2016. Following this, any necessary adjustments will be made to the specification before contractors are invited to submit tenders for the work.

If you require any further information about his scheme please contact the BFRMO office or the address on the letter.

Details of future major works contracts are at