There are now two Green Containers on Battersea Fields Estate which enable you to dispose of your cooking oil in the correct manner. The first is to the left of Block 23-55 Walden House and the second is to the right of 21-50 Berry House.

The way in which you dispose of your oil is as follows:

  • Collect your waste oil, little by little, in a container at home i.e. a baked bean can.
  •  Collect a lid from the estate office that you can put on top of baked bean can
  •  When the tin is full, pour the oil from the tin into the “recycling oil green container” located at the side of the middle block at Berry House or Walden House.
  •  Please do not place the tin or other items you have collected your oil in, into the container. The container is purely for oil.

Also whilst writing may I remind residents that we have reusable recycling bags in the office for residents to collect their recycling in before emptying the items into the recycling bins.