What are ‘Men’s Sheds’?
Battersea Men’s Shed is part of a national network of ‘Sheds’ and is a member of the UK Men’s Sheds Association. Originating from Australia, men’s sheds provide a meeting place with facilities for men (and women.) At Men’s Sheds, members, known as ‘Shedders’, can engage in individual projects, make items to sell, undertake projects alongside other Shedders in the community, or simply put the world to rights over a cup of tea! Upon retirement, people, especially men, can often feel that the skills and knowledge that they have accumulated and used over their life is of no further use. Through Men In Sheds they can utilise some of these abilities to good use, alongside other like-minded folk.
Battersea Men’s Shed
Battersea Men’s Shed came from an idea in the Spring of 2015. Following a well attended meeting where it was decided to go ahead with the project, members worked together to prepare the premises for use as a Men’s Shed. With support from Wandsworth Borough Council, a storeroom at Dimson Lodge was converted into our Men’s Shed. They don’t have a lot of space but can make use of a sizeable outdoor area too.
They are now open every Wednesday and our sessions are very well attended. The shedders come from all walks of life and we welcome diversity. The only guideline is that members should be 55 or over, but even this is not enforced. There is no charge but they do ask for a voluntary contribution. These funds are used towards purchase of equipment or materials that  have been unable to source for free.
How Do I Get Involved?
Just come along to one of the sessions. They open every Wednesday at 10am. See what we get up to and if you like it, return as often as you wish.

How to find them:

Dimson Lodge
141 Battersea Church Road
Battersea SW11 3NR
Info: 020 7223 5335 / gcox2@wandsworth.gov.uk
Nearest Rail: Clapham Junction
Bus 170 passes nearby, Sunbury Lane stop.